What should I do about this dum girl?

So I have posted comments before about the same situation but anyways I’ve been having problems wit this girl I cursed her once and she stayed shut and never sed anything to me again but today she was with her friend and she told her friend …”look at that b*tch im about to slap her in her face” ..I have made up my mind and I will confront her tomorrow and I will slap her …now you tell is this right what im going to do? Am I over reacting? Because I dont think I am

Answer #1

You’re over reacting.

Answer #2

my daughter had the same thing happen to her a couple of years ago, she took it from this girl all year long, till she lost it…on the last day of school she just up and decked her…turned around and got on the bus and came home…she was afrad of being in trouble, so she told me what happened…I said good for you, its about time you stood up for yourself…she said but you dont understand, the school is going to phone and Im going to get expelled…I laughted, and replied what are they going to do kick you out for the summer…lol Im not saying hit her…but put her in her place to some degree…words can be stronger then fists…after all this girl might have something in her own life that makes her this way, its away of making herself feel better. as you grow you will find that there are a lot of people the same as her out there and you need to protect yourself, and your self a steam from them…but try not to give them any more energy them they deserve.

Answer #3

you should had act like nothing happend when she see you not getting into it she wont bug you no more

Answer #4

She only said something to you because she was with her friend, I have the same thing sometimes. You’ll get people who will talk crap to you when their with other people but don’t have the nerve when their by themselves. Slapping her wouldn’t be the right thing to do although I know how much you want to right? I would feel the same way, I once have. Tell the head or a teacher you trust, they will keep an eye on the situation and the fact you spoke up first to get the problem solved without violence will make you the bigger person.

Answer #5

well, maybe just talk to her. Im not saying be all nicey nicey and happy but get your point across that your not taking her garbage anymore but dont curse or threaten her becuase she could use that againts u.


Answer #6

like omg we have the same b-day only I was born in 95!!! off topic!!! um dont hit her please. tell the teacher!!!

Answer #7

What did she do in the first place that made you cuss her out? If I were you I wouldn’t confront her or anything unless she starts talking to you. You can always just flip her the middle finger next time you hear her say anything to her friend about you lol. But do what you think you have to do.

Answer #8

its the same type of stuff that happens online all the time…

people are big and hard sitting behind a monitor just like their big and hard with mates

what do you do when it happens online? you do all you can do and ignore it and I surggest you do the same with her

remember:… it takes a bigger man (or in this case a girl) to walk away

once she knows how to push your buttons your pretty much screwed..

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