What should I do about my parents??

My parents are very nosy. My mom is constantly coming in my room too. She’s found condoms in my room several times but its so annoying because she snoops and finds them. She also gets mad a lot so I always think she’s annoying for that reason. I have to admit, I do party. I drink almost every weekend but I’m almost 18 so therefore I think it’s my choice. It’s a way of having fun and being social to me. I’m very popular; a lot of people know me. I’m still a virgin. I hook up with a lot of guys and I get fingered and give head a lot. And people are finally starting to know but I’m still not considered a slut or anything. Is this bad what I’m doing and the fact that I don’t tell my mom anything. If I told her these things she wouldn’t let me go out and definitely wouldn’t trust me. And personally, a lot of people hook up and party. But I don’t feel like my family would understand so I keep everything inside. Are there others out there like me??

Answer #1

happyorwell, I actually dont that much lol its not that bad. and yes, theres one guy thats amazing at it :) we dont talk anymore and it makes me so sad. I dont know how to get him back. I havent tried talking to him in 2 months. I miss him :( and thats another thing im depressed about. I think hes great. hes smart, tall, cute, and he plays baseball. I looovveee guys that play baseball. I was head over heals and we just stopped talking…

Answer #2

There sure are! I’m not one of them but let me tell you, there are almost too many to count. It is actually very normal. I would probably lighten up on the drinking a bottle or two though (; if you told your mom she would probably flip her lid, go crazy, be insanity! lol, have fun because that’s important but don’t go too crazy or overboard but have fun and everything. (you know that she will find out some of it eventually be it tomorrow or several years! Count on it, she will find out some of it.) lol! don’t you gag giving head? is anyone good @ fingering? answer back if you want. have fun!

Answer #3

It’s definitely not good to hook up with a lot of guys, even if you know them. That’s a good way to spread disease even if you’re not having actual intercourse… have more respect for yourself. Communicate with your mom more too.. you don’t have to tell her what you do when you go out, but have conversations with her. That will build a stronger relationship and she’ll probably be easier on you.

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