What should I do about my bff's dad dying?

My bestfriend’s dad died of cancer yesterday and I just found out 2day and I was just crying at school because me and my bestfriends family was like my family. I looked up 2 them and now that the dads gone I wanna help my bestfriend if she wants 2 talk 2 a friend what should I tell her. Should I tell her I feel the same way. Will she understand?

Answer #1

This is a very hard time for your friend. She’s may need you to listen or she may just want space to think out all her feelings. Whatever she does or says in the near future, you have to be patient and understanding of her. I don’t think you should try to tell her you feel like she feels, because it was her dad that passed away, not your own, so you can’t possibly truly understand how she’s feeling if you’ve never been through the same thing. I understand you are very close with her family, so offer to do whatever you can to help them through this painful process and take care of your own feelings too. Try to find comfort in each other.

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