What should I do about my bestfriend?

Ok I got this bestfriend and he’s guy I’ve met him when I was in 7th grade we’ve been in every class ever since but each year since I’ve met him I developed feelings for him…each year they’ll get a lil stronger…last year was the year that I really fell inlove with him me and him are seniors now but I dont know what to do I mean we always flirt and everything but we dont go no further he kinda knows how I feel about him but I dont know how he really feels about me…what should I do?? I really wanna go out with him.

Answer #1

You should get a bunch of your friends together and go somewhere he will most likely earn some love interest in you if he doesn’t already. Most of the time when people like someone then the other person likes them too.

Answer #2

or you can see if he gets jelous when you flirt with another guy

Answer #3

just tell him if things happen youll love it if they dont just stay tight and dont regret it

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