What should I do about my annoying friends?

Alright, so here’s what’s going on. Me and my boyfriend have been together for eight months now. About the second month we were dating, he hit me. ONLY ONCE. And he sincerly appolagized and hasn’t abused me in any way at all since. But the few friends that I told won’t let it go, even though it was only once and he said sorry. He hasn’t even threatened me since then, so I believe everything is okay. What should I do to get my friends off his back? I told them he doesn’t hit me anymore it was only once… But they still won’t drop it. What should I do? ~Britt xx

Answer #1

I don’t think they will stop. It’s a scary situation that you shouldn’t have to be in but if you really want off your back have him say it to them

Answer #2

Sorry but, stupid to put myself through what exactly?? ~Britt xx

Answer #3

I agree…its stupid to put urself thru that. but just flat out tell them.

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