What should I do about a boyfriend dream situation?

I have a sex dream about my boyfriend and he knows I had a dream about him but he doesnt no what about. I dont want to tell him, but he really wants me to tell him. Should I, despite me not wanting to?? Or what else should I do?

Answer #1

That depends on what it’s about. If it’s nothing REALLY humiliating to either you or him, then just tell him. If it may ruin your relationship, lie. Tell him it was something else.

Answer #2

okay dont lie about it lies are what KILL relationships so dont do that. but yeah, if its just something that isnt super embarrassing its better not to keep things from your boyfriend, having secrets can make a kind of void form between you and make the relationship not work quite as well. if you really dont want to tell him, then tell him that. eventually youll probably have to, unless he forgets about it and so do you. it shouldnt be such a big deal, really. hes your boyfriend your going to be attracted to him sexually and so is he, its normal.

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