what should I do???

someone asked me to have sex. I dont know what to say. im only 13. what should I say? I kind of want to but then again I dont.what should I say to him??

Answer #1

hey. NO dont! especially that young. trust me and wait till your older and you really like the guy. Im 18 and I lost my virginity when I was 17 to a boy I REALLY love. and I always thought I would regret it. but because I love him so much and he loves me I dont regret ANYTHING. just wait to you really like a guy

Answer #2

Tell him no. You are far to young. And it’s obvious that you are not ready if your questioning yourself on whether or not to do it. Just please wait until your older and know more about sex and everything else that comes with it.

Answer #3

you could try it it is not to bad if you dont go all the way (as in popping your cherry) but I hear it hurts after you have your cherry popped anyways it is all up to you you can be brave and say no or go for it!

Answer #4

say no!!! dont become a moral please!!! our world is full of them and im pretty sure you don’t want to have a possibility of getting prego, especially at 13!!

Answer #5

Tell him no! Youre only 13 and youre not ready. I dont believe in having sex before marriage but whenever youre ready it should be with someone youve been with for years and truly care about if not love. NEVER let anyone, guy or girl, pressure you into doing something you dont want to do. Once your virginity is gone its gone, you cant take it back. And honestly sex isnt what you think it is. Its not something out of a fairytale or a movie. It lasts about 2 minutes and it hurts, especially at your age.

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