what should I do?..

I take a karate class, and one of my guy friends like me, he always flirts with me, I like him back (more than he knows) and its to the point where we might as well be boyfriend and girlfriend, but we arnt. and im not sure what to do. I only see him in my karate class, thats not the issue, I just dont know what to do. I was thinking I could just be like, “um, do you like me?”, or something like that, I dont know what else to do, im failr certain he likes me, I’ve looked up things like “how to tell if a guy likes you”, and hes done those things and more, I mean he’s even rawred like cat and raised his eyebrows…I just dont know what to do, I want him to be my boyfriend, but how do I make it so, with out being so outgoing, because I nervous about this.

Answer #1

and one of my guy friends like me>>Just because a guy flirts with you, doesnt mean he wants to date you! If he actually liked you, dont you think you he would pursue you outside of class? So many times girls read more into a boys actions, when their just doing alittle harmless flirting, and having some fun. I really dont think you should take everything a guy does, & says so personally, because if he doesnt contact you, or wanna hang out with you outside of class, then how can you think he likes you?

Answer #2

If you ask him straight out, he might get scared and say no. Depending on how old you are, you could see if he wants to hang out outside of karate or have him call you. If you are sure he likes you, make sure he knows the feeling is mutual and hopefully he’ll get the hint.

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