How to break up with my boyfriend?

for a while now I've been planning to break up with my man but I've never gotten the courage to do so , and today I wish I had because this black guy, cameron came up to me and was like so are you single, and I had to tell him no because my boyfriend just walked up beside me, adn cameron was like oh then he yelled across the room "sorry man but she's taken!" I tried to se who it was but everyone had turned in our direction since he yelled! I really want to find out who it was because hello camerons only freind are black and I've just wanted to know what its like dating a black guy! how do I break up with my boyfriend with out him thinking I dumped him for my mysterious black guy!?!

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Okay... back up the truck here.

Are you only interested in dating this other guy because he's black? In my mind, that shouldn't be your only motivation.

But back to your current boyfriend. By keeping the relationship going, you're doing more harm than good. Sure, you might not want to hurt his feelings, but in the long run, you're actually lying to him about how you feel.

So how do you break it off?

Sending a text is a bad idea- sure, it means you don't have to face him when you break up, but it's a really insensitive thing to do, not to mention it's gutless. I've always ended relationships face to face, or on a couple of occasions over the phone (when I was a fair bit younger). That's because I care enough about the person to face up to things. I advise you to talk face to face about how you're feeling, and get it all out in the open. That, and it shows screeds more maturity than an email, or even worse, a text message.

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jus be like "hey look I cant be goin out with anyone right now because like my grades are bad and my parents are pissed so like we gotta break up but once I get them back up we can try and go back out" only say the last part dont do it like if you dont like him jus tell him that your grades are still down every time he asks...or he'll be really mad and never talk to you again

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kick him in the nuts and run as fast as you can... then 2 days later leave a not saying you moved to Mexico... lol =[)

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Send him a text.Tell him how you feel.And wish that he will understand how you feel.Good luck! ^^

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