What Should I Do??

I’m 13 with a 15 yr old boyfriend. my parents object of me having a boyfriend at dis age but dey’re unreasonable!! dey even tink that when I’m in college it will still be too young. Yeah anyway I ignore them and continue being with my boyfriend.(they don’t noe that I haf a boyfriend) I really love him and I noe that he does too. You noe how sumtimes couples have problems apologising? well we’re the opposite. I feel that we apologize a bit too often. evrytime we talk it usually starts with a sorry it rarely starts with a hi or hello. and he is reali emotional. It’s really hard for me to talk to him because I haf to consider how he will feel but I still love him a lot. He can b really nice and sweet and thoughtful at times but when he’s sad or angry. I don’t noe how 2 talk him out of it. Help???

Answer #1

NO!!! I don’t want 2 end the relationship!!! I reali reali love him!!! U’ll nvr understand how important he is to me!!! it hurts morewhen I don’t talk to him. what more break up??? I’ll kill myself if I ever do sumting as s2pid as to breakup with him!!!

Answer #2

What’s the fun of a relationship if you just apologize most of the time? I understand its considerate and all to do so but if that’s all you mainly do…you should look for somebody else. Working with overly emotional people will bore you sooner or later and you’ll be asking yourself what the helll did I get myself into. THAT HAS HAPPENED TO ME it was the least bit fun .

Answer #3

We quarrel but it’s just about small things. Our sorries just last a while and then we start talking about our day because we don’t reali get 2 see each other because he’s a senior and I’m a junior. But I feel that as a girlfriend I shud try to calm him down or comfort him but I’m afraid I’ll make him feel worse.

Answer #4

Do you guys fight too often ? Is that why you apologize? I think you should actually try to start a conversation with something sweet & cute,so he feels better if hes sad or angry. If he pushes you away when hes sad or angry,then let him. Eventually he’ll open up.Just dont bug him or he might get even worse.

Hope it helps (:

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