What should I carry my stuff in?

I’m going to florida for my senior trip next week!!! =) should I carry my stuff around in a back pack or fanny pack?? And if possible tell me why <33

Answer #1

Backpack… as said before it holds more…

Also it looks ugly… fanny packs like scream “TOURIST” and thats not a good thing… plus they’re ugly… haha

Answer #2

backpack fersure :D

Answer #3

It’s up to you what you’re most comfortable with? A backpack can hold more stuff though… You’ll need a bottle of water, and an umbrella all the time, it’s been randomly raining here past couple of days.

Answer #4

if you have a lot of stuff to carry go with the backpackas you can fit bigger things like clothes, unbrella, food, water, ect in there but if your just wandering around the place or shopping a fannypack would be better soyou can kep the things you need like money, I.d, cards, map, phone, ect and maybe a bit of food best thing to do would be to pack your backpack with all the things you need and also chuck the fannypack in there

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