What should do :(?

Me and my boyfriend have been dating for almost a year and I just found out he is cheating on me. Sheould I confrunt him about it or should I wait to see if he says anything about it?

Answer #1

yea confront him, then dump him!!!

Answer #2

guys hate it when you call them out. do it maturely- dont yell or anything. if you know the “other woman”‘s name you could be like “so whos her name?” get him when his totally off guard lol itll be more amusing and youll feel more powerful.

Answer #3

yea you should confront him bout it ..he not gunna tell u when you guysz are talkin just randomly throw it at him that you noe and if you noe da gurlz name throw it in dere to and make him explain.. and also dump him a guy datz willin to cheat is gud enough for you you can do betta ..

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