What shall I do ? Please help me immedietly..?

Ok,I dont really know from where should I start,now im 15,am a guy,,2 years ago.I always wanted her to be mine,I thought she was the one that I really was looking for,then,after one year,I started to hate her ,not really hate her, but I dont really like her anymore,,noww ,,she loves me ,and a lot ,now we are a b.f and a g.f,but,I dont have any love feeling towards her,she keeps saying that she loves me ,and I only say (me too),she keep asking me if I really love her,,I say yes,but its not from my heart,I agreed to be her b.f ,to have sex with her only,but her love to me ,is like hell ,,I hate that love,I dont love her,,and I dont want her to love me,a day after another,am hating her more,I hate that type of girls,she keeps asking me if I love her,and the worst thing is that she doesnt want me to talk to other girls,because she feel jelous,shez soo sensetive ,she gets sad from the smallest things. I cant handle this anymore, but I can do nothing,I dont want to leave her,because if I left her,shez gunaa tell everybody that I left her for no reason :s,duhh,,pleez help ,what shall I do

Answer #1

Well I can tell that you care about this girl, because you clearly don’t want to hurt her feelings. You should just tell her that you don’t want to be in a relationship anymore, but you still want to be friends (if you do that is). Make sure she knows that you are breaking up with her, but don’t make it too harsh. Tell her that she’ll make someone very happy someday (cause she probably will :) )

Answer #2

Look, if a guy kept going out with me who didn’t really like me, I think that would really hurt. To keep leading her on, telling her you love her, and having sex just isn’t nice. Tell her that you’re sorry, but you just don’t have those feelings for her. Say you still think she’s a great person, but you can’t stay with someone you don’t really like. She doesn’t want to be with someone who isn’t interested anyway. She might be a little hurt at first, but trust me she’ll get over it.

Answer #3

First off theres nothing you can do for how you feel, and I can even tell you dont feel anything by what you wrote. Second tell her how you feel, that you dont feel the same as her and break up. Just by staying with her your hurting her more, and she’s probably getting fusterated.. which is why she asks you if you love her. She wants the truth.. tell her and let her move on.

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