What shall I do about my pain?

I am sixteen, usually healthy and mobile, but last night and today, I have had sevre back pain, which has brought me to tears all day, I cant lay down, thats whenn it hurts the most, its an unbareable pain! I also have shooting pains down my right leg. I have taken, paracetamol,ibrephen, and applied deep heat. Please help and advise me on what I should do, I have tried every position, I have to get people to help me get up if im sat down, because my back just gives in. Please help x

Answer #1

I had to call the doctor to my house because I couldnt get out of bed! they said my spine had sloghtly slipped so all my muscles around my spine are pushing them back in, they prescirbed me three really strong pain killer, they did have side effects however because the medication is so strong; I fainted the first time I managed to get up which was still very very painful! Thanks for your advice! :)

Answer #2

You might have a pinched nerve - that’s extraordinarily painful. I’m just guessing, though …

If you’re in that much pain, you really should go to the hospital so they can at least rule out any serious conditions.

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