What shall I do about my bestfriend?

Ok so for the past few weeks my bestfriend is starting to get an eating problem. She eats something and then she spews it back up and if she doesn’t then she makes her self sick and she starting to stop eating. Im realy worried about it but she seems like she’s not bothered about it. What shall I do? Thanks x

Answer #1

she could be pregnant because when I was pregnant with my lil girl thats I did was spew so that can be one reason.

Answer #2

I dont think purposefully making yourself sick or not eating is a sign of pregnancy. You’re right to be concerned. It could develop into an eating disorder. Which means it needs to be stopped now, before it gets bad. Try to get her to get help. If that doesnt work, you may need to step in and do it for her. She may be mad, but at least she’ll be alive.

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