What's your talent? Please be appropriate!

What are you good at?

I’m good at dancing and doing hair and makeup.

Answer #1

I’m good at reading, singing, listening to problems, giving advice, and being on the computer. I can’t think of anything else.

Answer #2

Where the hell is my answer???

Answer #3

luv playin the drums and cookin

Answer #4

im good at dancing and giving advice and jump rope and being on the computer

Answer #5

singing < alil bit but im too nervosu to go pro and art im gd at designing and drawing still life and people

Answer #6

I’m good at doing makeup. hahaha and im pretty good at track :)

Answer #7

I wish I could draw!!~

Answer #8

drawing :}}…sorta

Answer #9

skateboarding, drawing, painting, …a lot of other things lol

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