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What's your most lame addiction?

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Just a question before I go to sleep. :)

Might be serious/not serious addictions. If its serious, hope you get help. If its all in the name of fun, well then haha :d

Okay, dont laugh at me :)

My lamest addiction was back in american idol season 7. I was addicted to anything jason castro. I mean anything. Like im always in the american idol boards, making media campaigns, coordinating with other fans for media stuff and letter templates, postcards, and other stuff. When my laptop acted up for like a week, I went to internet cafes for updates. Uh, like, come on, what was I thinking being such a fangirl? Im not even american and I'm not even in the u.s. So yeah, its just weird that I became somewhat obsessed lol but I just laugh when I remember this haha

I've never been addicted to anything really bad though.. So yeah..

What is/was your addiction?