What's your favorite taylor swift song?

Mine’s im only me when your around and pretty much thee entire c.d.

Answer #1

I’d have to stick with the “Tim McGraw” I thought that was an incredibly cute song. But, I still love the song “Tear drops on my guitar” “I’d lie” and “our song” are also good too. :)

Answer #2

im only me when im with you and I’d lie I lovee those her entire cd is awesome tho she sings so good! lol

Answer #3

I like “Tim Mcgraw” “Picture To Burn” and My ALL Tim Favorite is “Stay Beautiful”

Answer #4

Tear drops on my guitar is my favorite. “Our Song” is my second. :)

Answer #5

I like “Mary’s Song” the best, but I have to agree that the whole CD is awesome!

Answer #6

‘TEAROPS ON MY GUTAIr’ is my favorite!! have you heard it before?

Answer #7

I love mary’s song too it’s cute as well as tim mcgraw

Answer #8

oooh my! I love the whole CD of em! but Teardrops on my guitar…Im only me when im with you…and Our song are my 3 favorites!! =]

Answer #9

“Our Song” by Taylor Swift is the ULTIMATE BEST!!!

Answer #10

yea that song make me cry sometimes when I listen to it for a while

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