what's your favorite fruit??

for me?? my favorite fruit is banana…I love eating banana..


=)banana has a substance called serotonin which can make a person happy...that's why I love eating banana...:)
Answer #1

I did not know that bananas had Serotonan in them to make people happy. I love Bananas since they are one of my favorite fruits. Then there is apples, peaches, Nectoreens, plumbs, grapes, oranges, and cherries. I even love Blueberries. Those are my favorite fruits.

Answer #2


Answer #3

grapes apples and strawberrys with whip cream

Answer #4

papaya! xD XP lol yuck my least favortie!

my favorite used to be peaches! now its strawberries and bananas. Its no wonder I feel so good when I have banana with milk in the mornings. :) it also makes you sleep better if you eat one in the morning by the night you become more drousy.

Answer #5

Hmmm…I love cherries , pineapples , mangoes and satsumas. Oh , and cantaloupe! They all have to be sweet and juicy though (yum) … xx

Answer #6

Oranges are great, but I hate pealing them. because when I peal them I have to remove everything that’s not pulp. I’m OCD like that.

Kiwis are my second favorite.

Answer #7


Answer #8

Mangoes,and strawberriess..

Answer #9

strawberries and kiwi

Answer #10

Mango, strawberries, guava and pineapple.

Answer #11

Bananas and grapes.

Answer #12

mango. Or a plum.

But I say mango because theyre hard to find here

Answer #13

I love apples! And grapes! My boyfriend’s mom makes this amazing dip for fruit. OMG, its amazing!

Answer #14

Pineapples and Mangoes

Answer #15

Watermelon, and anything with citrus (:

Answer #16

Cherries, pineapple and watermelon- they are sooo good :)

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