What's your favorite Eminem song or lyric line?

hey everyone (: I just was curious what your favorite song from eminem is, personally I like beautiful and when I’m gone. what’s yours?

Answer #1

no one’s said my favs

Puke - I don’t know why, I know it’s a bit gross! but it makes me laugh! Eye of the Tiger (remix) - not many people have heard of it but I think it’s brilliant! and Mocking Bird which loads like :)

Just all of them really He’s such a good rapper! :)x

Answer #2

These are my fav lyrics by him, of all time.

No more games, I’ma change what you call rage Tear this motherfxcking roof off like two dogs caged I was playing in the beginning, the mood all changed I been chewed up and spit out and booed off stage!

It’s from Lose Yourself :)

Answer #3

I like the sound of toy soldir and moocking birs and the chorus butt,

cleaning out my closet/ beautiful best lyrics

Answer #4

The Way I Am

‘’When a dude’s getting bullied and shoots up his school And they blame it on Marilyn And the heroin, where were the parents at? And look where it’s at Middle America NOW it’s a tragedy, NOW it’s so sad to see And upper class city having this happening’’

Answer #5

just lose it and toy soldier and mockingbird I like all his songs lol

Answer #6

hey twin! we have another thing in common. those are two of my favorites. especially beautiful. but I also like mockingbird

Answer #7

when im gone, and beautiful my dad looks like him… :/ but I dont talk to my dad

Answer #8

I like Cleaning Out My Closet and When I’m Gone. I also like Mockingbird. Those are my 3 favorites.

Answer #9

I like mocking bird. lol I knoo its really old. and I like the way I am.

Answer #10

Cleaning Out My Closet, Beautiful, and Mockingbird. He is the best rapper ever :)

Answer #11

We Made You Lose Yourself Beautiful

Best rapper!

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