What's wrong with my cell phone?

I just got my old cell back from my friend and when I plugged it in to charge it wont turn on or charge. And it hasnt been on at all for a few monthes,so idkk but also it looks like the inside of the phone where you plug the charger in has like a lil white marking kinda looks like chipping or something. It's a verizon samsung flip phone just so ya'll know.

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I hve the same issue with my cricket version did anyone figure anything out

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my blitz is messed up too! I had it for 5 months and one morning when I had it charging, I checked it and it wouldnt turn on, it only turns on if the chargers plugged in and even with it in it turns on and off. whats wrong with it? I dont want to throw it out because it has so many numbers, pics, etc.

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I would go back to Verizon and get your phone replaced.
You could do that, or as you mentioned, use your mom's boyfriends phone. That'll work.

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and I have had them get just a bit wet and short circuit the entire phone, but when that happens even a new battery will happen, it didnt for my phone, which was a p.o.s verizon blitz... ill never have another verizon prepaid phone either, boost mobile is the way to go with the 50 dollar plan, sometymes it has poor service, but its an overall good deal, depending on your location, but if your phone is one of the cheap 20 dollar ones id just get a new one...

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ok thanx. it sux too cause I just bought a $30 card & a $10 unlimited text messaging card for it,but my moms boyfriend said he'd give me his old verizon cell,which is good too. its a lg chocolate. but it's still so irritating thow lol

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Your battery probably died since it's been 4 months...
You'll probably have to get a new one...


You might have to get the chipped part repaired...
The missing chip may be causing the current not to flow...

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msul... I just ended up getting a new cell. I got the verizon samsung intensity (prepaid w/slide out qwerty keyboard) it works really good 4 me. I only trust verizon. :)

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