What's wrong with her teeth?

What's a guy to do if his girlfriend has the jankiest frickin teeth shes not ugly but shes has an extra tooth that just hangout her month & its at the top to I never really cared til my friends started bringing it up everytime she laughs you can see it and it looks weird what can say or do??? I dont want to hurt her but I dont want to have the girlfriend with the jacked up teeth I think she knows to because everytime she laughs she covers her month? Advice?

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shouldn't you love everything about your girlfriend?
if yu really care, you won't mind, because that's something easily fixed with a visit to the orthodontist/dentist.

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Well unless you're going to offer to pay for her dental work then there's not a lot that you can do about it. Do you care about who she is or what she looks like? Is your friends snarky comments about her more meaningful to you than your relationship with her? Of course she knows it's there! She has to see herself in the mirror every day. And likely she is self conscious about it already so unless you plan to help her do something about it I wouldn't bring it up. Teeth are not like a hair style. She can't just change it at a whim and she didn't do that to her teeth on purpose.

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