What's with Indonesia?

How many wives can Indonesians can they have? I was chatting with a guy from Indonesia and he said he went sight seeing with his FIRST wife. Dos that mean he has another or something? I’m sooo confused.

Answer #1

Or, he could have meant like…his first wife he’s ever had (maybe divorced now) and maybe he went out with her just as friends, but called her his first wife? That’s another option, or maybe like the other person said, he probably did literally mean 1st wife…Which in this case I think they can have about 3 or 4, or something like that. Sort of like Old-Time Mormon people beliefs…But why have more than one wife? That’s more money you have to dish out, more people to tell you that your screwing up…I’m a female, but I know how you men think! :P

Answer #2

If he was from Java, he was probably Muslim (Indonesia is the largest Muslim country in the world, in terms of population), so in Islamic law, a man can have up to four wives, provided he can support them all financially.

I forget, off hand, if Bali (mostly Hindu) has different or the same rules as Java, the largest island in Indoneisa. The only place I spent time was Bali, which is largely Hindu, and very different from Java, from what I’ve heard.

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