When will we have flying cars?

When do you think flying cars will become the normal standard of commuting? Do you think the cars will drive themselves on digital highways?

Answer #1

The whole point is that with a flying car on a digital highway there are no accidents because, the car drives itself and has sensors linked up to a supercomputer.

Answer #2

there is a company that will be making (250?) flying cars in (2010?) they’ll be hundreds of thousands of dollars and highly impractical though

Answer #3

well I was watching on tv a while ago tha in the time 2015-2030 they will have flying cars they alreayd havethe first flying police car and ambulance and car but they need to make sure that they work properly it was an awsome show it talked about a lot of things

Answer #4

I think flying cars are a disaster waiting to happen!

Answer #5

I dont think flying cars is such a good idea. think of how many more accidents there would be with them

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