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what's this poem mean to you?

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I look at the sun,it's the same one you see. look up at the moon, it connects you to me. the crows swoop down where the dead man lies; I've never been more comforted by the wolfs midnight cries.

the swan swims alone tonight, gracefully, at ease. doves fly in the skies above as we all long for its peace. snakes slither so sly, with a low profile. blue jays chirp in your ears "come, stay a while"

there's a star for every wish;every wish, a star. hearts stand alone, but the feelings sitll go far. deep in the forest, you hear field mice begin to say- "I'm not at home, but I'd still like to play."

early in the morning, with the sun shining bright. in your eyes, you complain, but its a mysterious light. it nurtures our growth, along with flowers, and grass. will you come lay with me, and watch the hours pass?