What's the soundtrack to your life?

Here’s mine:

  1. Retirement Days-Spesh K featuring Tassja
  2. Encore/Numb-Jay-z and Linkin Park
  3. This ain’t a scene, this is an arms race- Fall Out Boy
  4. Dance, dance- Fall Out Boy
  5. Maria, Maria- Carlos Santana
  6. Call me when you’re sober- Evanescance
  7. I have a dream- Common featuring Will.I.am
  8. Live in the sky- T.I. featuring Jamie Foxx 9.Pokemon theme song(lol)- don’t know who sings it)
  9. Crowded- Jeannie Ortega featuring Papoose 11.Gentleman (remix)- Jenna G
  10. Agony- Sumeet featuring Elephant Man 13.The Bad Touch-The Bloodhound Gang
  11. Changes- Tupac Shakur 15.Stole-Kelly Rowland 16.Say I- Christina Milian featuring Young Jeezy
  12. Wake me up when September ends- Green Day
  13. Where is he love- The Black eyed peas
  14. I’m not sure what this song is called, but it’s by Diana Ross and my favorite line is “ Rest your head close to my heart”
  15. If I can dream- Elvis Presley
  16. Life ain’t picture perfect-Yung Joc
  17. Bring me to life- Evanecsance 23.Hope- Twista featuring Faith Evans
  18. One and only-Mariah Carey featuring Twista 25.Never let you down-Kanye West 26.Like Toy Soldiers-Eminem
  19. And dey say-Nelly
Answer #1

Whats Love Got To Do With It — Tina Turner

Plus I love that song anyway

Answer #2

omy god thatz like me!!!!! I agree u concured all emotions thoes songs…………but I gotta add that Kelly Rowland– Still in love with my EX…….yeah Imma fool!

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