What's the easiest way to generate adsense income?

Is there an easier way to market my AdSense ads other than creating unque niche websites?

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My idea is really wonderful.. Okay, first you need an adsense ID. Then you need to find a good place to traffic your ads through on the internet. Then you should send a check for $3000 made out to "Cash" to me. Then I will kindly tell you to listen to the dude's advice and thank you lots for the 3 grand. What does the money buy you? Well it buys you my lifelong appreciation for the free money.

Or you could funmail me and I can let you in on a few tricks.....

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Sure, build a site that goes "viral" which can then get you a lot of traffic. Build a myspace widget (in flash) which then can get you traffic.

Join mybloglog.com, which can get you some traffic, and surf other sites in their program. Add your site to del.icio.us, use the stumbleupon toolbar, etc.

If you have videos, add your url to them & upload them to youtube, myspace, etc, and that can get you a ton of traffic, if done right.

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