What's the difference between Play station? and XBox?

What’s the difference between Play station? and XBox? I’m just wondering.

Answer #1

Xbox is made by microsoft and can save stuff on it while playstation is made by sony and doesn’t have a hard drive in it so nothing can be saved on it.

Answer #2

They are two different game consoles.

Answer #3

Lets say this, red is xbox and green is playstation

Answer #4

From what I know, Xbox has a different focus. If you want to play with the best online “product”, that is, if you want to play with other people, choose the Xbox 360. Also,you can download movies, trailers, arcade games and game demos. It also has about 550 games in total. But if you wish the best images and all that stuff, try with the Playstation 3, although it is now not as different as before because Xbox now produces its consoles with HDMI cable. Also, the games overall are different: Playstation goes for sports, cars and some guns. Xbox looks for RPGs, First-Person shooters and also a couple of original titles (Halo, Fable…) Also, Xbox uses DVD-ROM discs and the Play, Blu-Ray. This last allows much more capacity, so more information can be stored (I have read somewhere that it is 6 times a normal DVD disc). However, I’d consider twice choosing the Xbox. It is availiable in shops since November 2005 and there are rumors that the next one will come out in 2009-2011. I am also thinking about which one to choose, but I think I will wait for the new console of the Xbox.

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