What's the best way to tell him how I feel?

There’s this guy I’ve fallen for, but he has a girlfriend. I’ve liked him for a while, and I feel miserable almost all the time. I feel that if I tell him how I feel, I’d feel a lot better, and I would be able to move on.

So what do you think is the best way to tell him?

Answer #1

Ask yourself “whats the worst that could happen” maybe he tells you he doesn’t like you like the above person said? So what? Are you going to amount your self worth on one guys opinion of you?

I’m into telling people how I feel, and as long as you aren’t like best friends with the girl he’s with I don’t think much harm can come from it.

Answer #2

I’d just act casually about it. Say something like “I just feel like It would be fair to tell you…blah blah.. I just wanted you to know” Or something like that.

Answer #3

I don’t know about that because what if you tell him and he rejects you put you down then you will feel awful…I think you shud just find a interest in another guy…good luck

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