What's so bad about having high self esteem?

what’s sooo bad about having high self esteem?

Answer #1

Paris Hilton is all about Paris Hilton. She doesnt interact with people, she uses them for her own agenda. Look at the pizza guy!

Answer #2

okay so you say this now but..okay look at paris hilten..have you ever heard her insult someone? call them fat? ya know? and everyone is all..she’s sooo conceited..it makes no since.

Answer #3

There is nothing wrong with self -esteem as long as you don’tlook down your nose at some one else. Self-esteem is good; conceit is not so good.

Answer #4

There’s nothing wrong with having self esteem and confidence unless you brag and boast. THEN there’s a problem.

Answer #5

I agree with elone, nothing is wrong with high self esteem. But, if you act snooty because of it, and appear to look down your nose at people, they may start to hate you. Have high self esteem, but an open, friendly, positive attitude towards others. Hope I helped, Britz

Answer #6

Dear elone, High self-esteem can be as bad as low self-esteem. This is an area in life that really needs balance. A person with low shows signs of depression, and may choose the victim role many of the times. A person with high can feel superior and choose the I’m better than you role. So being balanced is quite important and many times counselling will develop and help with the balance. Sue…good luck

Answer #7

Sue 90: I thought that is what I said in my first response.

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