What's miranda cosgrove's nationality?

What’s miranda cosgrove’s nationality? I look a lot like her and I am wondering where her ancestors came from. I’m not racist or anything like that.

Answer #1

Why on earth would asking someone’s ethnicity make you a racist? What is that? White guilt or something? How ridicilous to even say that!

She’s part Asian and part white.

Answer #2

She reminds me France Nguyen who played Liat in “south Pacific” (1958).

She définitely has some asian ancestors. Was she adopted by Tom & Chris Cosgrove?

Answer #3

I just read she is Welsh, Russian, armanian, slavic and Italian. No Asian.

Answer #4

I think that you are all wrong. You can tell she is 100% Sista’. I mean she has black hair which makes her black. I mean the Cosby’s had all shades of black kids. This qualifies her as being a Sista’ because black is beautiful. Can I get an Amen? Just kidding. She is totally white and Filipino. No Doubts.

Answer #5

Anyone who lives and was born in the United States of America is American, you don’t have to look a certain way, we all came from somewhere. :) Many other websites state she comes from an Italian, Welsh, Russian, and Armenian background. Here is one of the websites. http://ethnicelebs.com/miranda-cosgrove

Answer #6

I dunno I have chinese blood but I’m still not sure. she could be korean, japanese, chinese, or phillipines too. but ilove this young girl

Answer #7

she looks american to meee

Answer #8

umm…I think shes American cause she dosent look chinese or anything 2 me!! LOL!

Answer #9

she is american born in los angeles.. thats all I know

Answer #10

all the beautiful girls of her type have Philippine blood

Answer #11

She’s very beautiful.So I think she’s Russian.

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