Do women feel true love?

Do women have true love? I am not believing in it. A lot of girls seems to behave as if they do not have a heart to suffer. Does heart breaking occur only in men? So, what's about for females? Is love not really essential for them?

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Dear shunpyae,
Well I do believe you know that women do have hearts that get broken and both males and females experience true love. As human we sometimes want to hurt before getting hurt and this can come across as being heartless and cold. Everyone handles rejection and heartbreak differently. We have drama queens and kings, the stone cold, the revenger, the I don't care and so on and so on. Letting others know you are hurting can make some feel too vulnerable and try never to show their true feelings. Every rejection hurts but a heartbreak hurt for both sexes can be the worst so hence the different ways of handling it. So rest assured us women have hearts, most of us with time have cracks and sometimes it breaks just like men.
Sue...good luck

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of course woman have hearts my bf broke up with me a mth ago and im devestated i never felt so much pain in my life i swear my heart is shattered into a million pieces now there u go

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Great question Shunpyae, For some, heartbreak is a frequent thing. It is painful for both men and woman but is part of loving and loosing. We grow thru these types of human reality. Loving is a risky thing, there is almost always the chance of being disappointed and having a broken heart over it. The good news is that a broken heart can heal and allow us to grow and gain strength as it heals. Ask anyone that has gone thru a heart brake they will tell you that they learned and grew thru the experience. I still believe the old adage, "tis better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all." That couldn't have been said by someone that never experienced it. Good Luck Gino

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Wy do you want to see your g/f or wife suffering? Why do you like haeartbreaking for itself? Why cannot you endure the smiling and cheerful girls?

How would you feel if a stranger said "I love you."?

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