What's a good site to download house episodes?

I want to download house episodes, but I can’t find a site where I can download them for free! Even sites suggested by other people dont seem to be reliable, you have to sign up or pay for them and stuff… I need good sites that will let me download the latest episodes for free!

Answer #1

Hulu is amazing for watching the latest episodes of shows, because it streams the last 5 episodes of most network tv shows. It is the only legit site that I know of (I.e. legal) because it’s endorsed by the networks, who get payed for showing their shows on Hulu. It’s free because there are quick commercials in the shows, but the quality if amazing, and you can watch it in full-screen mode without any resolution problems. So if you’re looking to watch the latest shows, then go for Hulu. You can create an account if you want to, which is free, but you don’t have to to watch anything. Hulu even has some shows backlogged for more than 5 episodes, like right now all of Lost is on there… in fact I’m loading an episode right now! :)

Otherwise, I’d recommend a torrent site like the one camwps94 listed, or you can search for other torrent sites. I’d recommend downloading uTorrent, which is a free program that is similar to limewire, to be able to download torrent files (These are special files, and your computer won’t recognize them without a program like that.) uTorrent has worked great for me for years. No bugs, no problems.

I hope this helps.

HOUSE rocks!!

Answer #2

I’ve heard of Hulu.com as well. It’s supposed to be really good and free, no games.

House is amazing, but Criminal Minds is THE BEST!


Answer #3

www.torrentz.com works but you need to have something that can download torrent files (like limewire or bittorrent).. oh btw, House is the best show of all time :)

Answer #4

Channel Ten sucks big time, but House is a pretty good show, pity the series is not on channel seven as Seven lets you watch the episodes again if you ever miss one which is great. http://au.tv.yahoo.com/

Try this website for House. http://www.kickasstorrents.com.

I love The Good Wife on channel Ten and never ever miss an episode, it’s on shortly yeahhh. Alicia is one strong, career minded, kick arse woman. :)

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