What's a good free antivirus program for my ipod touch?

I have an iPod touch and my friend goes on a lot of manga sites and has gotten a few viruses in her computer from the websites. I'd just Like to be cautious and get an antivirus program. Do I need a special kind of antivirus protection for my itouch or can I use the same program I have in my laptop? Because the program I have in my laptop is free and it works.

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uhm, im looking for another virus scanner at the moment too, I jailbroke my ipod touch (never turning back), right now I use hackulous security, I don't know if its good or not... but it keeps me calm for the moment. to get it follow these steps:
1) Go to Cydia
2) Manage
3) Sources
4) Tap on "Edit"
5) "Manage" should then turn into "Add"
6) Tap on Add
7) add this URL: http://cydia.hackulo.us
8) Let it reload
9) either click on the new thing in sources (named: Hackulo.us)or go to search, in search type in: "Hack" scroll down and Hackulous Security should be there.

or if you went to the thing in sources just scroll down, it is there.


- Freeed Fire

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