whats the worst thing you have seen on the computer and in real life?? whats the naughtyest thing you have done? whats the naughtyest site you have been on? whats the naughtyest thing you have asked?? have you ever grabbed your someones crotch? who? has that happened to you??? mabey your boobs instead or both? who??? tell em everything!

Answer #1

I dont know about naughtiest question but the funniest question I have ever heard to to this Andrew lad who had an adnormally large head with a very VERY flat forehead. Anyways me mate Luke went up to him out of the blue and asked…”Are you real?” It was so fudging funny I nearly cried laughing outa shock and the moment lol

Answer #2

um.. I dont know I was just wondering

Answer #3

Why would I give out my personal life out like that? Why do you need to know?

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