What role does it play?

What role do chromosomes play in the inheritance of genes?

Answer #1

Chromosomes contain the accumulation of genes from your mom and your dad. there are 23 chromosome pairs in humans. that means there are 46 chromosomes in you me, you relatives and all other humans.

these chromosomes carry many of the same genes for all humans on earth. There are some people who get bad copies, and these unfortunate people get cancer, deformities, and can even die suddenly because of the the genes in their chromosomes.

All your traits, hair color, eye color, height, facial features, even the color of your skin is determined by your genes, and there are 1000’s of genes in your chromosomes. Look at your mom and your dad’s family and you will see similarities, if not then you might be adopted [ not saying you are ] but that is why people in a family look similar is due to shared chromosomes passed down to you.

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