What religion are u?

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there is no title for my religion I am just a mighty man of God

What is the name of the religion you spoke of?

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Muslim :o

im confused about religion
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I dont have a religion I just believe in god because thats all I need to do I won t just go get baptisted and do all that...he says as long you have some faith in him you dont have a problem.

Is the Baptist Religion the same as the Mormon religion?

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(I'm Tracey)

What's the difference between religion itself? and Scientology?

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im a proud athiest

What is the Jamicans religion Called?
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What is your religion?

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im a christian. apostolic pentecostal

What do I do if I like a guy that is against my family's religion?
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Seventh Day Adventist Christian.

Why does religion cause problems
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I have none. I don't engage in fantasies.

combining religions
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No religion... don't need one... rather content seeing things the way they occur the be...

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agnostic O.O

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Reverse Osmosis

Haha. Seems to me we have duplicates. I'm actually a practicing Catholic.;)

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Muslim, Sunni!

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Muslim, Sunni!

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im trying to convert to wicca

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