What are ways to get rid of razor burn ?

Well I probely didn’t put this question on the right category but oh well… Anyways… Ummm yea like a lot of people now days shave there privates right? Anyways I don’t no about anyone else but I get razor burn like a mofo and it is a pain in the @$$… I use bikini shavein cream and good razors but I can never seem to get rid of or not get razor burn at all and its about to get on my nerves and yes I do use bikini cream for sensitve skin so anyone no any other ways to stop or get rid of it faster???

Thanks to any answers

Answer #1

well the spa breeze razos help… but I depends on when you shave it… shave it like depending on the growth of your hair if its at a fast rate… wait a week and a half before you do it again… shaving everyday or every other say can irriate the skin and cause razor bumps and burn soo.. help this worked. Q’s- I;ll be more than happy to answer them

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Answer #2

For me using aqueous cream as a shaving cream and applying women’s deodorant and baby powder afterwords helps prevent razor rash.

Answer #3

I’ve always found that the best thing for shaving are products that arent invented for shaving…

so if your using sensitive shaving cream… try and use head and shoulders 2 in 1 to shave… or just your daily soap

Answer #4

I know/knew a few people that were once in the porn industry. A trick that the guys and girls use in Aspirin. Just the plain old white tablet. They get it a little wet so it becomes a paste and rub it on let it sit for a few minutes and wash it off after shaving.

Answer #5

I use neosporin :)

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