What are some ways to earn money? Got in trouble w/ da cops?

Well.. Me and a couple of friends decided to go out tping and.. well, lets just say we did MAYJOR damage.. a total of 4,000 dollars.. and there was 4 of us girls, so we are planing on all of us makin 1000.. Does anyone have any ideas I/we could do to earn some money??

Answer #1

o my god…what sorta damage couldve been done with toilet paper while you and your girls were tping?? I can only imagine lol

Answer #2

jesus what happened?

hmm thats going to take time to raise I say get a job, car washes, do chores around the neighbor hood um..babysitting. online surveys

Answer #3

you could: get a job. sell anything and everything that you dont want or dont ever use (sell it on craiglists or ebay, but craiglists is much faster usually) start collecting change in a jar. before you know it, all your extra change can really add up. recycle. collect bottles and cans and take them to your local recycling plant and you’ll get money. babysit/dogsit/housesit. walk dogs for your neighbors. (:

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