What question is off-limits to you?

what question would you not like others to ask you?

Answer #1

“What are you thinking?”- that one gets me right hacked off.

Morbid: If you want to use the PFB cannon, use it wisely. Texaskimmie didn’t need to ‘chill out’, her answer was civil and could in no way be interpreted as stepping out of line. If you would like to learn about how to use the cannon correctly, feel free to funmail me, or request to join the PFB group. :)

Answer #2

You totally stole my answer texaskimmie…

Fires the viscious pink fluffy bunny cannon

You seriously need to chill.

Answer #3

why dont you give up smoking. I know its bad and I did for three years and started again because im stupid. I will sooon arrggg. lol

Answer #4

“Do you know how to fly a plane?” …while I’m on said plane.

Or, “are you a doctor” following a medical emergency when there are clearly no doctors about.

Answer #5

are you a virgin?

what bra size do you wear?

what kind of underwear are you wearing?

would you go down on someone?


Answer #6

The question I hate most of all is, “Is that ALL you’re going to eat??”

And no, I’m not anorexic. I’m diabetic.

Answer #7

none is off limits…exept for the ones I dont know the awnser to.lol

Answer #8

I dont like being asked how much money I make, or how much I paid for something.

Answer #9

I hate when people ask me about relationship

Answer #10

This one…lol, just kidding.

Asking someone about their weight isn’t very polite, so I’d have to say that one.

Answer #11

I hate being asked if someone is pretty, or looks okay.
if you want to know, go look in a mirror.

Answer #12

‘what bra siz do ya wear?’

Answer #13

‘what bra siz do ya wear?’ I get that question too often and it bugs me.

Answer #14

are you a virgin? Whats your bra size? do yo umasturbate? ewww gross

Answer #15

I try to be open minded but I don’t like trying to answer questions about doing the dirty… it makes me feel uncomfortable on so many levels

Answer #16

What’s up..is so annoying..dont ask what’s up come up with something better

Answer #17

I gess persnal ?s if you balry no the guy/girl

Answer #18

Excuse me mister…do you know anything about defusing bombs?

Answer #19

I accept any question

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