What position should me and my boyfriend have sex?. Im a virgin?

Me and my boyfriend want to have sex. But I want it to be less painful as possible. whats a good position ?.

Answer #1

I agree with musleemah, missionary is the easiest and probably one of the best positions to lose your virginity in. It’s easier and you’ll get a good feel on how to move your bodies. Although missionary doesn’t feel best, once you’re more expierienced explore different positions.

Good luck and have fun =]

Answer #2

Missionary, it’s quite comfortable. If you use lubricant and if he is very slow and gentle, it shouldn’t be very painful honey. Make sure you guys put in at least 30 minutes of foreplay, you have to be emotionally and physically ready to have sex. Your vag needs to be ready for something to go in there.. If you are properly turned on, it will be even easier.

Good luck sweety.

Answer #3

Well the top does most the work and try going slow at first and the first time always hurts for girls guys have it easy

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