What position do you girls like when getting eaten out?

What position do girls like when you guys get eaten out? Do you guys like it layin down or sittin down, 69

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why are a bunch of guys answering (excluding the one). laying down is best with bother her legs over your shoulders (its really uncomfortable when there in an awkward position.

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I find it easier if the girl either sits or lie down , she open her legs wide and bring her knees up towards herself . that way is really good to eat her out.

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The secret to a great sex life is variety! So to keep the fire burning try different positions for different sensations. Also, every lover is different so don't forget that communication is key.

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Embarrassingly enough, I'll answer this because you lack a female perspective here. Lying down all relaxed is great, like sitting in a chair or something to where we can be upright and watching but still laid back, taking it all in. I, however, get in a bit of a dominant phase for parts of my sex life, so I've been known to however above the face and essentially use force if it's necessary to get the job done :) That position is ten times hotter, in my opinion, from the guy's perspective because it's sort of like when you have boobs hanging down. They just look and *cough* taste better that way. If you're a newbie, sit her in a chair. If you feel like being different, have her spread those legs right on top of you. Good luck :)

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I figure the best position would be one in which the girl can be relaxed and be able to enjoy the whole act. I guess the missionary position for the girl would work best for this since this position seems to be the most relaxing. If you really want to know what works best the communicate with your partner about how she feels comfortable when your doing this. Its about her so I figure the obvious thing to do is to ask.

I don't think 69 work so well lol, its worth a shot yes but the simultaneous stimulation can make it very hard to concentrate on pleasing your partner while being pleased yourself.

Hope this helps

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