What phone is excellent?

Ok so for xmas I’m probably gonna get a new phone. Umm I’m with verizon and I kinda want the env3 but I dont know if it’s good or what. I can’t pick out something too expensive, but something that’s affordable and really great. Advice?

Answer #1

I don’t know about the envy3. I have the envy2 and I have had many problems with it. They may have made it better but I recommend you go look at the ratings online before you buy it.

Answer #2

my friend has the env3 and I take it from her and play with it. I friggin love it. I too am getting a new phone for xmas and I wanted an env3. but im on at&t so yeah. but im getting the pantech impact which is like the env of at&t. I think the env3 is really cool and practical if your a texter. =]]

Answer #3

I’m with vz too and I got the Samsung rogue, it’s pretty tight but, it cost me like 250$, but I bet it’s cheaper now seeing as I bought it new, so im not sure what your budget is… lol, otherwise I like it a lot, it’s awsome and don’t plan to get another for awhile…XD

hope I helped…

Answer #4

Then new sidekick orchird is bad a$$ man!!

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