What other places can my boyfriend and I go?

Please help. Cause I don’t want this to get boring. List places you think would be fun for us both (we’re under 18).

Answer #1

Movies, Mall, Dinner, To your house/His house, Take a nice walk in the park, Pool, Bowling, Party, Clubbing, Golf I don’t know lol… :)

Answer #2

go to the pool together or work out together brin him over your house and let him watch a movie or sum! umm.., I would go on a bike ride to the park and talk about stuff maybe ull learn somthing about him=)

Answer #3

movies. . bowling. . out to eat. . park. . mall. . ughm I dont really know now but yea lots’a placess..!!!

Answer #4

I love doing the spider on a swing at playgrounds. haha.

Answer #5

harlem, compton, grand canyon

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