What Nicknames For Gabriel?

some cool nicknames for gabriel , not gaby nor gabe something else…

Answer #1

Maybe you like this one: The spanish word gabro is the name for a special sort of granite stone. So you grab the ‘el’ in the end of gabri_el put it in the front and replace the ‘I’ with an ‘o’.

Makes you: El Gabro, the granite man. (practise the spanish rolling rrr, pronounce Gah-brrro.) Or use El Gabri. which doesn’t have a meaning afaik.

I wouldn’t use anything that has the syllable ‘gay’ in it. Gaybro makes folks think of ‘gay brother’. So unless you want people to have that association, remove it from the list. This could make you prime target for the bullies.

Answer #2

I like ‘bri’


Answer #3


The number of “nicknames” that can be derived from Gabriel are pretty limited..


Answer #4

gaybo gaybro gee-man gee-dog gaaaybes (the ‘s’ is very hip) bri

Answer #5

Gabe babe, gobbie pretty much just those lol unless you do some romantic name

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