What; music and fashion?

Ok so the emo style originated from emo music, punk originated from punk music and almost any label or style is from some type of music… When do you think there will be a style for techno music???

Answer #1

Scene kids are techno posers. haha actually they are more preps who think emos are cool so they try to be like them. doesn’t end very well for them… the emos get pissed

Answer #2

^ Woah, what?!

Emo music is a form of hardcore punk, and started in the 80s. The new emo style has pretty much nothing to do with it, and most ‘emos’ don’t listen to any emo bands. Most of the bands associated with the subculture aren’t emo. The style did not originally come from Visual Kei. There was probably some influence taken from Japanese fashions, but from plenty of others too.

Gothic lolita is (partly) based on the clothes from the Victorian era, it wasn’t actually around then. And goth started in the early 80s, and came from gothic rock (which came from post-punk), not from gothic lolita (and not from Victorian fashion either). I doubt anyone in Britain at that time had a clue what lolita was. The style started with the fans of goth rock copying the style of the bands. Victorian fashion is part of it, but not all, and the influence from Victorian fashion is taken directly from the Victorian era itself, not from lolita.

Punk started in the UK and America. The Ramones are often credited as the first punk rock group, and they were American.

Anyway, adding to the techno thing… Can’t forget cybergoth. Their music isn’t really techno but close enough.

Answer #3

Uhm, wrong. The term, look, style, music and anything else described as “Emo” origionally came from VK. “Gothic” came from Gothic lolita, back in the victorian age. “Punk” got started in underground London, then the Japanese picked it up and named it NK. Then it came to America.

VK/NK/GL - Visuail Kei, Nagoya Kei, Gothic Lolita. All three are Harajuku styles, and there are deffinitely more. OK (Oshare Kei,) E/D. (Eroguro/Decora.)

Answer #4

Yah look up raver style. Lots of lights and gliter and weird shinny cloths.

Answer #5

There kind of already is, some kind of ‘raver’ type fashion I’ve seen a few times, but I’m no authority on fashion so I couldn’t say.

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