What moves can i try to go further with my girlfriend?

well me and my girflriend have been going out for a while now and the farthest we have gotten is making out and me feelin her up I need help on what other moves I should try and what else should I do when I makeout or somthin like that

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try to go farther but don't push her out of her comfort zone ask her how far she is willing to go you will no what to do from there if not feel free to messege me

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I have to say i'm glad that your asking, 'cuz alot of guys don't and then they wonder why their women isn't completley satisfied.

-when your kissing if your standing up, put your hands on the small of her back, and gently push your pelvis together. personally when i feel the guy hard i get even more excited.

-as your kissing pull away from her lips and move your way to her neck, gently nibble, suck, bite.

-move your way to her ear and lick the rim, and breath into her ear, and when you want to get her goin moan into her ear.

-press her against a wall, like your sayin " your not goin anywhere 'cuz your goin to love it.

-move your hands under her shirt and start to caress her back, and rub it with your palm.

-as your kissing put your hands into her hair, and work your way down from her neck, to her back, and then grab her booty. and wait for her to gasp!

those r just a few things, and like angelfire said, ask her. women have NO PROBLEM showing you what they like, and then you can turn it into a little game, gettin turned on by doin that.

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whoop it out,

and be like:


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Well first I start bye kissing her, then I like to rub my hand softly on her cheek, they love that. Then I work my way to the neck, once you get to the neck swirl your tongue in a little circle, on the side of her neck. the work your hand up the shirt and grab those tits. then if she acts like she likes it make a move to get in those pants. Adreinne West

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just do it

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If shes fine with what your doing why push it? You should really be asking her, not us!

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