What makes you want to "take" from the behind? (guys & girls)?

What is so attractive about taking girls from behind? What does it feel like? Is it Better than the front? Is it Hotter?

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Sometimes when you go from behind (anal) it tends to be tighter especially if your nervous, even if you use an lubricants but when I've tried it I've only been able to stick the head of my d**k in, because its tight, if you try it, try being loose and relaxed that way it can go in and it can please you, but some people find it disgusting and some find it attractive and hot. Hope it helps.

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practice :)
after a while, it gets comfortable and pleasurable
remember to breathe slowly, and yes shit fall is possible but you just need to laugh
it feels amazing for him, and just before he cums make him pull out and let him massage it in.

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First you should clarify what you mean "from behind".

If you mean vaginal sex specifically doggystyle then yes a lot of girls love it, as it allows a guy to go deeper, it also allows the guy to be in a position to massage your clit while penetrating which can lead to superb orgasms.

Don't be afraid to try something if you want to as sex like with anything else in life, takes time to get better at and to know what you like.

While if you mean "anal sex", then from what I've read and heard, I wouldn't recommend it. Most girls who've tried it said it hurt like hell even after extensive lubrication and there was little to no pleasure in it.

However if you really want to try it, I recommend that you first read up about it specially on to do it safely and healthily. Use a lot of lube (too much is never enough!) start slowly with something smaller and take your time. (though this is what I've heard and read, so cannot speak from personal experience, so it may be better if you talk with someone who has tried)

And don't give in to pressure to do something by your boyfriend or anyone unless YOU are comfortable with it want to do it.

I've also found "Go Ask Alice" by columbia university a very good site which answers a lot of similar (and other) questions in an open manner and gives important information regarding safe sex and medical issues. Check it out and have a good time! Hope this helped.

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anal sex for a guy feels just like a really tight vagina, kinda throbs at the tip after a bit. if you wanna try, just swalloow your your stomach and put fingers in slowly, well lubed and one at a time until you get about 2 or 3 in. then it shouldnt hurt as much, just make sure the guy goes SLOW. my girlfriend said it hurt as I was putting it in, but after that it was fine. Relaxing your anus stops a lot of pain.

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taking it vaginal from behind is pretty good (recommeded) I wouldnt know about anal but I wouldnt recommend it thats kinda gross but I guess maybe its because it brings back an animalistic urge or something lol

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From behind is good. Either way.

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when you say 'take from behind' do you mean arse or vagina?

a bloke can penetrate both holes from behind...

the arse is neally always tighter and with loads of lube (u can never not nave enough lube) is really wicked...

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A comment I just like for you to know is,,tried and it hurts!! ..never really did it.. but it just cant be hotter if theres a slight chance poop can fall ...while your doing it.. I said a big no no after one of my friends did it and a lil piece of shit fell right on his dick ... ewww

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If anal hurst that much the guy is doing the wrong thing.
He should put the tip just inside the anus not going in then wait and it may be a while. When the anus relaxes it will start to open up slowely and it will start to feel like it is pulling the penis in.. I can take a long time to get it in without huge amounts of pain.
Once its in wait again for a long time so it can get used to it then slowely start thrusting.

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It feels good and they get deeper that way

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