What make-up colours would suit me?

I have blue eyes, dark brown hair, and pale skin, and the only colour make-up I ever wear is my black eye make-up.

I’m disgusting looking and really dont know what would make me seem just a little bit better :/

Answer #1

my friend has the samething. and she uses brown eye liner but it is very light. and pale skin is very in now so if I were you I wouldnt use and toner maybe just a loose powder. for eye shadow I would say a color that has red tint in it. red really brings out blue eyes. if you really want some color on your face I would use a light brownser. yupp I hope this helps

Answer #2

ok well if you have fair skin you should get a little toner like tan if I may say but all so try other eyeliners like blue it might make your blue eyes look brighter ummm blush light pink brush on not stick

Answer #3

Firstly don’t use brown or blue or gold on your eyes. Blue will draw attention away from your eye colour and the gold and browns and other warm toned colours will clash with your eyes and make them look dull. You should go for the colours that match your clothes perhaps or any cool toned colours will do. Lavender and violet are the best options for someone with light skin as well as grey, taupe and deep blue. For an evening look try something more glitzy and bold like silver, fuschia or turqoise. There are lots of cosmetic lines which have sets of eye makeup for certain eye colours. MAC has excellent eyeshadows for people with your eye colour. Just experiment to see what best suits you. I used to wear mainly black until I discovered there are heaps of colours out there that helps you look great and feel better about yourself. Have fun!

Answer #4

a lot of colours would suit you though dont go for golds or bronze or beige as they look crap and rubbishy and boring!!!

Answer #5

do some sparkles

Answer #6

erm well try stuff out and see what you get. But you are lucky most colours will suit you. Try pale greens and pale yellows and blacks. Many people say whites dont suit brunetts but I think they do best luck X

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