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I love my boyfriend very much, but I feel like I dont deserve him. We have been dating for eleven months. I feel like I dont deserve him because im really mean to him. When im angry I take all my anger out on him and say a lot of hurtful things. He simply says he understands because he knows im angry and it infuriates me even more when hes being so nice to me when I am treating him like dirt. What should I do???

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u know
I found that most girls are like that
they always say that they don't deserve this guy
they are always wrong
mbe you do av problems controling u'r temper bt if this guy loves you he will b ready 2 give his life 4 u
even my girlfriend nevr accepts any of the good comment I make on her
if I say she is beautiful she will always say no I am nt
if I say she is smart she will always say o you are da smart one nt me
bt if you do yell 2 him you shuld always remember to kiss him and say you are sorry
I mean e is u'r boyfriend. he loves u
mbe he mite understand u'r situation more than any of us who answer u'r question

well gud luk
and hopefullly you will av an awesum future with this guy

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first place if its not his fault you need to calm down..learn how to control it when your angry...also if you can control it after yellin at him and you realize you did sumthin wrong say your sorry never say it wont happen again if you noe it will.. just try to control it and try to make it up to him

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